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EGFR and Molecular Risk Stratification in Early-Stage NSCLC

Thank You for Attending our Webinar. Featuring:
Gavitt Woodard, MD. Assistant Professor, Thoracic Surgery Yale University and,
David Gandara, MD. Professor of Medicine Emeritus, UC Davis

Thanks for joining us as we presented new prospective data about EGFR and molecular risk stratification in early-stage NSCLC, followed by an engaging panel discussion with lung cancer experts.

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Summary of New Data:

  • In a 250-patient prospective cohort, 97% of DetermaRx-identified high- and intermediate-risk patients who were treated with adjuvant chemotherapy were cancer-free, with a median follow-up time of 29 months. In contrast, approximately one in three high-risk patients who elected to forego chemotherapy had a recurrence.
  • Only 5% of DetermaRx-identified low-risk patients had a cancer recurrence.
  • DetermaRx identified high-risk patients who responded to adjuvant chemotherapy, independent of EGFR status.

Perspectives from the Panel Discussion:

  • Stage IA patients can have aggressive disease that increases their chance of recurrence post-surgical resection, and the new prospective data is striking enough to utilize DetermaRx to identify stage IA patients that will benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy.
  • For EGFR-positive stage IB and IIA patients, DetermaRx can be informative in identifying those that should be treated with chemotherapy prior to receiving osimertinib.
  • Biopharma may benefit from including DetermaRx in their clinical trials for therapies for patients with surgically resected NSCLC. By excluding low-risk patients that have likely been cured by surgery from their analysis, they may increase the likelihood of observing a treatment effect in the remaining high-risk pool of patients.  
  • It's an exciting time for early-stage lung cancer, where new tests and treatments are now available that improve survival.

About Oncocyte Corporation

Oncocyte is a molecular diagnostics company whose mission is to provide actionable answers at critical decision points across the cancer care continuum. The Company’s proprietary tests and pharmaceutical services aim to save lives and improve outcomes by accelerating and optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The Company’s tests and services present multiple opportunities to advance cancer care while driving the growth of its revenue. Oncocyte recently launched DetermaRx™, a treatment stratification test that enables the identification of early-stage lung cancer patients at high risk for recurrence post-resection, allowing them to be treated when their cancer may be more responsive to adjuvant chemotherapy. Oncocyte is also developing DetermaIO™, a gene expression test that identifies patients more likely to respond to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapies. The Company’s pharmaceutical services help pharmaceutical companies to develop new cancer treatments, some of which may be linked to Oncocyte’s diagnostic tests.

DetermaRx and DetermaIO are trademarks of Oncocyte Corporation.

Key Takeaways
  • Combining DetermaRx™ risk status with EGFR mutation status may help inform optimal treatment strategies for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who are EGFR-mutation-positive.
  • DetermaRx™ may inform the usage of chemotherapy, in addition to osimertinib, in the approximately 33% of EGFR positive patients who DetermaRx identified as high-risk for cancer recurrence.
  • Given these data, Oncocyte will be offering EGFR mutation testing and DetermaRx™ on the same sample starting this quarter.
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